Leo in Peru

Leo Meaney - Contracted as a Day Drilling Supervisor for ConocoPhillips, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma.

I am currently running a rig for ConocoPhillips in the Anadarko Basin of Western Oklahoma. Boy is this a new world! Here the well control techniques we are all taught don't usually work successfully. When you take a kick the Drill Pipe pressure goes to 0 psi. If you do a hard shut in, the odds of an underground blow out escalate enormously. What fun!

I have been very fortunate to have been involved in mostly high profile, technically challenging, projects on behalf of my Clients. These include very High Pressure and Temperature wells in the Tuscaloosa Trend, Deep Water Projects and Remote Location Projects. Through the course of these projects I have gained experience on almost all rig types; Land Rigs, Inland Barges, Tenders, Platform Rigs, Jack Ups, Semi Submersibles and Drill Ships,

Another side effect of specialized projects is that I have spent the bulk of my working life in countries and locations that few non Oilfield people will ever visit; arguably most would never care to go either. Still it has been fun!

This web site lays out my Experience and Certifications.



Leo Meaney (Drilling Consultant) - Currently a Drill Site Manager for Oxy Lib